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6 Week

Holistic Action Plan 

For Entrepreneurs 


1:1 coaching to prioritize your wellness this winter

You've heard of "fake it till you make it," but have you tried "practice till you become it"?


The difference between the overwhelm you currently feel as trying to create balance between your personal and work life, and the fully aligned ease and flow that you desire in your business is creating effective habits that manage your energy, allow you to hustle less and still stay wildly productive, and give you the energetic boost to show up as the real you online without constant fear and fatigue.

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And that's exactly what I did when I aligned to ancient Indian wisdom and brought my mindfulness teachings off of the yoga mat and into my business to bring more peace to my inner and outer world, like experiencing massive ease in being a business owner, while also eliminating the feeling of being torn between raising young kids, spending time with my partner, creating time to be in nature, and still having the time to do the things that light me up


The #1 mistake I made as a mama and wellness entrepreneur was thinking my yoga and meditation practice on the mat was enough. You can’t out-yoga unskillful routines.  The wisdom was there, but the practical implementation was not. I experienced several periods of burnout that led to severe autoimmune issues. I almost lost my business because I was too sick to work - scary stuff! I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did by ignoring my wellness, health, and boundaries, thinking I could meditate and yoga my way out of a shitty mindset - despite being a fairly active person at the studio!


Fast forward 3 years, my body has healed from autoimmune issues. I’m growing a family and business, and while still experiencing normal day-to-day life stress occasionally, I have built habits that create better ease and flow and have the skills to master my mindset so that I continue to have long term effects in both my life and my clients’. I want to help you do the same!


My clients have experienced:

  • Increased energy throughout their work day so that they don’t have to save their tasks for the next day until it becomes overwhelming.

  • More profitable businesses where they stop wasting time and energy on the hustle and finally make money with flow and ease.

  • Nourishing relationships - both personal and professional where they have communication that balances candor and care both in both their personal and professional life.

  • Healthier mindsets that build massive self-worth, confidence, and the belief that you can accomplish it all WITH ease!

  • More time for effective self care to them grounded during the inevitable stressors of running a business.

  • Improved gut health for more energy and clarity throughout the day.

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That’s why I created the 6 Week Holistic Action Plan, a 1:1 coaching program to support your wellness goals for your body, being, and business, leaving you aligned with nature in a way that optimizes your daily energy so that you have the highest level of productivity for your business, creates a schedule that maximizes sales, and creates intentional focus that ensures you stay consistent without burning out.


In 6-weeks, I'm walking you through the process to build automated daily rituals that create an abundance of ease and flow in your business by giving you skills to troubleshoot stress, organize your day in a way that best matches your unique personality and the natural energetic cycles of your day, and tools to apply habits in a practical and effective way that allows you to maximize your time, and therefore, your sales.


Plus, you'll learn how to leverage your mindset and identify outdated belief patterns surrounding money, hustle mentality, and perfectionism, all leading to massive shifts for your personal health and business.

Are you ready to build a daily routine that works for YOU, your career, and ultimately your income goals?

6 Week Holistic Action Plan 

For Entrepreneurs  


The 6 Week Holistic Action Plan helps healers, wellness pros, and business owners avoid burnout, overwhelm, and stress over lack of focus, money, and time - all by transforming outdated habits into aligned action so that they can experience a thriving lifestyle in their business and life through 1:1 customized coaching.

Here’s what to expect on your journey for 6 weeks:


  • Align deeply with your values to create an anchor for the next 6 weeks so that you ground to yourself and your life goals in a way that excites you to be ALL IN on living your best life and running your most profitable businesses - without doubt - even as challenges arise.

  • Build a practice of setting boundaries without feeling guilty, instead of putting up high emotional walls that nobody can break through as a coping mechanism. You’ll learn  tools for daily reflection so that you no longer exhaust yourself from others’ needs and stop placing yourself last on the list.

  • Identify your keystone daily ritual so that you learn how to create a schedule that embodies both discipline and surrender to the Universe. You’ll learn how to shift negative thoughts of overwhelm, stress, and fear in a way that allows you to take the day head-on and live with an empowered inner dialogue.

  • Rest in the sanctuary of knowing you can handle anything with grace, ease, and calmness by training your brain to experience and shift into deep inner bliss so that you can approach the day-to-day challenges and conflicts from a deeper awareness, leaving you feeling clear and grounded in your choices rather than reactionary. 

  • Learn how to level up your intuition so that you make choices you’re proud of, stop second guessing yourself, and take empowered action without overthinking things. You’ll learn how to regulate your nervous system with strategies that make you go from “maybe” to “hell yes,” without doubt or from “I don’t know” to “hell NO” so that you never agree to something out of people-pleasing or obligation.

The 6-week package consists of:

  • Wellness Assessment | Value $225

    • 1 hour 1:1 in depth assessment of your most pressing goals and problems.

    • Personalized strategy for overcoming obstacles

  • Five Consecutive Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls | Value $335

    • Troubleshoot strategy for success goal setting

    • Accountability 

    • Tools for navigating environment and mindset to meet your goals

  • Total Value | $550


You pay $425


There are only 5 spots available at this price point!

Pre Sale Opens on: Saturday Nov 27th  ​

Cart Closes: Cyber Saturday Dec 4th

What it’s like to work with me.

renee valle.jpg

Renee V

Entrepreneur, Yoga instructor

"I needed help. I was waking up, going straight to the espresso machine, stressing through work hours, watching shows til 8pm and then stress eating after them!


"I didn't know what my body needed to get out of the pit. Don't get me wrong, I eat a plant-based diet, have a home yoga practice, work out and have a spiritual life, but I was still running to familiar narratives.


"As an enneagram 9, I was being passive/retreating when I needed to reach out! Jessica gave me permission to assert myself, flourish as a being and have integrity in ways I never thought were possible for me 😭 (life changer).


"Now I have a thriving narrative and I'm so glad she is a part of it. I cannot recommend her enough."


Colleen S

Entrepreneur, Yoga instructor

"I have always enjoyed the insights and targeted movements Jessica brings into her yoga classes. So when she invited me to join her yoga health coaching program rooted in ayurvedic principles I was immediately interested.


"I knew a little about Ayurveda and struggled with balancing my dosha (energy) in the past. I liked the level of commitment and community structure to hold me accountable to my 'Yes.'


"Since joining Jessica's Wellness Adventure Course (WAC) I feel like I've been given the secret formula to success. Success for me, is feeling radiant, supported, and acting in alignment with my interests. I'm still blown away. I marvel at how quickly WAC habits impact my mental, emotional and physical well being. This turns the dial from practicing-yoga-to-take-care-of-myself up 50 notches to super-human-who-loves-themselves-deeply. I wish more people knew of this. Or talked about it.


"Now, in my 30s, I see how much of my life could have been shaped differently with these principles instilled early on. I'm grateful a small curiosity inspired me to sign up. It's far more than I can verbally express. And I'm still in the beginning phase of deeply understanding the ripple effects WAC is making within and without."


Rachel L

Manager, Master Gardender

"The Wellness Adventure Course has been the most life changing investment I have ever made. 


"Through this course, Jessica and the WAC community have help equip me with the tools to heal several years worth of severe digestive health issues and outdated mindsets. 


"Jessica's one on one coaching has helped me zero in on personalized tips and support to navigate seasonal changes. 


"The environment in her yoga classes, Wellness Adventure Course and one on one talks is wholly safe, comfortable, and honest. 


"Jessica is both exceptionally professional and personable. I highly recommend making time in your schedule to take her courses which are both extraordinarily grounding and uplifting."


Most of these habits you know of already, 

but you need coaching on how to practice them daily. 


Because you are driven by a desire to make a difference in this world, you know how important it is to prioritize your mindset, focus, and energy so that you can build a business from the ground-up that’s SUSTAINABLE for life! If you’re ready to deeply align with nature and make long term changes that transform your body, being, and business so that you can build a daily lifestyle that leaves you ready for more and not just exhausted and burned out, then join the program!

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