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Dirt to Life

I’m Jessica Drago.


Over a decade ago, a seed was sown in me that I could not deny: to help others pursue an active and balanced lifestyle. So, I was Certified as a Nursing Assistant and began to study Body Alignment and Structural-Muscular Balancing. 

After a rock-climbing injury, 🥺 I was introduced to yoga and a new sense of body awareness. I pursued a 200-hour Teacher Training with Bridget Lyons and Tiffany Wood and was certified as a Physical Therapy Aide and Massage Therapy Aide. My understanding of body mechanics expanded and the seed the began to grow.


Even with all of this knowledge, I struggled with autoimmune issues that in my childhood had lead to

a near-death experience. I did everything I could to heal:

Jessica Drago Flute

• energy work,

• connecting with nature,

• eating clean.

• I did everything I knew how!


After my son was born, I began to implement 10 new habits rooted in Ayurveda. These habits took root, and now I successfully manage the symptoms and skillfully implement them with simplicity and rhythm! 🥳

We all have self-imposed limitations.


The ones I carried as a yoga teacher kept me from my potential. 😔 I wanted to be able to have a deep impact on my students and create a business structure that would take care of me and my household, but I didn’t know how.


My growth was thwarted.


So, I began doing things differently. I started to alter my environment to move towards my vision.

The seed that was planted became a tree that said “Yes” to becoming a Yoga Health Coach.


This decision allowed me to work through my self-imposed limitations. My mentor, Cate Stillman said, “If you haven’t done it. You don’t truly know it.” So I’m doing it, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.


I learned intimately the challenges that hinder growth.


I learned how to handle hindrances that happened in the past.


I learned that I can’t change by myself and, if I try to change all at once, I create more stress and anxiety.

The wellness habits I now coach in the Wellness Adventure Course invited a way for me to say yes to a healthy, thriving future with the support of a truly wise ‘gardener’ (if you will). 


It allowed me to work through core wounds and seek change in a sustainable way. 


Does that sound like something you need? Would you let me share this wisdom with you?

Get in touch!! Let's work together to see real change.

Your Yoga Health Coach,

Jessica Drago

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My values: Thrive Conscious Leadership Transparency Resilience Alignment Digestion Playfulness Simplicity Rhythm Philanthropy Community Nature

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