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What is Vata Season?


Change is in the air.

The Pacific Northwest displays an array of warm colors in contrast to the chilly winds. This time is referred to in Ayurveda as 'Vata Season'. What does this mean?

In Ayurveda there are 5 elements:

  1. Space

  2. Air

  3. Fire

  4. Water

  5. Earth

It might be helpful to think of the elements as principles or concepts which should not be confused with the periodic table of elements.

These elements are then categorized into 3 doshas:

  1. Vata= Space and Air

  2. Pitta= Fire (and sometimes Water)

  3. Kapha= Water and Earth

Qualities of Vata in the weather:

1. dry, light, brisk, rough, subtle, movement, windy, clear, playful, quick, spontaneous, expansive, clear, and/or vast.

'Vata Season' is the time of the year that most embodies the attributes of the Vata dosha (Air and Space). Note that the time and length of 'Vata Season' changes depending where in the world you are. In the PNW, this goes from mid-late fall to early winter in which the aspects of Space and Air are heightened.

For more specifics about balancing Vata Season, check out this article from Banyan Botanicals.